On Stupidity and Immorality of Some Indonesians


Things have been busy in the professional and personal life of Miss Lai Lai that she has not updated her blog for quite sometimes, even sparked some comments from some blogger saying “Oy! You haven’t been doing any updates for a while”.

Well, despite so, I religiously drop by to my favourite blogger sites such as Rima‘s, Treespotter‘s, Therry‘s, and Anita‘s, usually after some refreshing readings, or even some laughter. Now, one particular posts, among others that Rima has been doing, made me think and ponder longer than usual that I decided to pour my heart out. The post is called “You want good news..or bad news?”and you can read it here.

The bad news is what caught my attention – in which the government has finally passed on the Anti Pornography law. I had my faith that this bill will never be passed on, thinking that our country is run by some smart legislators, who are educated and open-minded. I thought wrong.

The second thing that caught me to ponder more is this piece of news which has been on for quite some time, and still cause quite a stir. This is on the 43 years old cleric who married a 12 year old child and still wanting to marry another two girls aged 9 and 7 – as posted here on Indonesia Matters.Com.

What the fuck? Has our country gone mad? Is stupidity and immorality a trend right now, cos’ I sure hell missed it and do not intent to follow it.

I am gobsmacked at how stupid the legislators are. This law will cause problems with civilians taking matters at their own hand. I had this mental image of a creepy guy coming up to me on the street while I am walking down to get my breakfast in my shorts and starting to drag me away and saying “Miss, you are in breach of the pornography law as you are showing some naked body parts”. “Dude, those are my legs. They are naked. I am in shorts.”

What am I supposed to do now? Carry myself like a potato sack? Has anyone noticed how hot Jakarta is lately that I am considering myself to move to the northpole?

Most importantly, why the hell did we need this in the first place? Which part of this country is broken that needs this law being passed to fix it?

I am still gobsmacked. Speechless. So I went out to Red Square and partied like it’s 1995. I bet those girls at Red Square were shaking their booties in their skimpiest outfit (and halloween costume) for fear that it will be their last night to do that.

You know, if the government thought this was their Halloween present – if there is ever one – they managed to scare the hell out of me.

On the second piece of news, is it me or that man is a pedophile? Marrying a 12 year old child and intending to marry another two who are under the age of 10? They can’t barely think for themselves! They are children for goodness sake.

What is wrong with this man? I am so sickened by this to the stomach. Not to mention the fact that he is supposed to be a religious leader in the community. How can someone in their right mind do this? I think a monkey definitely picked on his brain and took the moral bit out of it.

I am really disheartened if not angry at our current situation in this country. With the election coming up, who am I supposed to trust to run this country? Are we letting ourselves run by idiots and letting immoral people run free and marrying any child he wants?

Indonesia is home to me. Despite being away for 11 years, I still came back. I was born and brought up here. My family made their living in this country. I still have my passport (I wished I got my NZ passport too now). I told friends that no matter what happen, this will always be home, and I almost say that I will never leave this country. But now, I don’t even know if I still hold those opinions. I am saddened, angry and worried what may become of this country. Of all the problems we have in this country – be it the corruption, the economy, the pollution, the Lapindo issue, the Freeport issue – the government chose to put this pornography law as priority and letting a sick and insane man free.

I do wish that someday, smart people will start running our countries. No, don’t expect me to run for politics, because well, I am not exactly qualified, not to mentioned being too neurotic to run for it. For now, I will have faith, even a tiny little hope, that soon, someone will realise that things are getting out of hand, that we are sliding down backwards as a country, and he or she will do something about it.

Let’s just hope I am still in this country, and not in northpole trying to cool myself (and my head).

Oh, and by the way, if those bloggers I mentioned above will try to run for the government, I will so vote for them!!

6 thoughts on “On Stupidity and Immorality of Some Indonesians

  1. Found your blog from Rima’s.I absolutely agree with you, Rima and everyone else who is still sane enough to refuse anti-pornography bill. Anyone, who is excited with the bill, must have a twisted mind – at least that’s what I perceive.Great blog btw!

  2. I just saw KPK investigation show on Trans TV last night – it made me feel even more depressed.Anyone who’s running for government in this country will, sooner or later, be caught up in the whole dirty games and corruptions and there will never be a way out.Everyone in the government were bred that way, and that’s how their MO is. And the sick thing is that it has become so normal that there’s not an ounce of guilt left in their fucked up little minds.Sad. We need another demonstration. A big one. Or a sniper or something to kill those sons of bitches.Oops! Am I going to jail for slandering now?

  3. babe, why not move somewhere cold like, here?I used to feel just like you when it comes to Indonesia, but it was 2006 when I came ‘home’ to Jakarta when I realised that home is no longer Indonesia but Brussels. I was there for 5 days and was already homesick by then. I can’t imagine living in Indonesia anymore, I felt so out of place and strange being there.Home is where the heart is and where you feel most comfortable.. so don’t ever feel like you are betraying your homeland or whatever if u no longer have as strong feelings about it as u used to.BTW, I’m never gonna try to run for government, I think it’s a lost cause, plus, I’m a member of the very small minority, I doubt I’d even be given a chance to be an ibu RT.. lol

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